Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

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A Racing License is only required to participate in karting.

A Racing License includes access to lockers, helmet rentals, a head sock to put on before your helmet, storage of racing history, and exclusive offers via email for a full year.

No, your Racing License does not automatically renew. It will expire one year after purchase.

A driver’s license is not required to race. However, we reserve the right to check for valid photo ID’s or drivers licenses to verify age and identity provided on the waiver.

Everyone who wishes to participate in an activity must have their own individual waiver on file. A waiver Is not required to enjoy our gaming area and Pizzeria & Pub.

You must complete a waiver for yourself and your child if you wish to participate in activities with them. When you complete a waiver for yourself you will sign for yourself. To complete a waiver for a minor, first fill one for yourself and then you will have the option to add a minor before completion.

You cannot do so. If possible, always add all your children to your waiver the first time you complete one, if not, you must redo your own waiver and then add them to it. Minors under the age of 18 cannot have a waiver created any other way. 

Only the parent or legal guardian of said minor may sign their waiver. If you are bringing along a minor for which you are not the parent/legal guardian, please have their parent/legal guardian complete a waiver prior to arrival. They must complete a waiver for themselves first and then then they will have the option to add a minor before completion.

Reservations can be made online for karting and axe throwing, but they are not required. Reservations cannot be made for karting on Fridays. Walk-ins for axe throwing are welcome but not guaranteed. Ninja Wipeout & Trampolines and Semi-Pro Races can only be purchased upon arrival.

As stated in the Terms & Conditions you acknowledge when making an online reservation, you should arrive at your displayed check-in time. We may not be able to accommodate any late arrivals. Failure to arrive on time may cause your reservation to be moved back to a later availability, increasing your wait time, or even have it canceled without refund depending on our availability at the time of your visit. 

Absolutely! Walk-ins are welcome but may increase your wait time.

Wait times are always subject to change based on volume. While this is not something we can predict, experience has shown that the best times to avoid a wait time are weekdays and early hours on the weekends.

It is really a personal preference. Both tracks are the same length with different challenges that cater to everyone’s skill level and need for speed. We encourage you to book a racing heat on both tracks and let us know which one you like most.

Supertrack is both our quarter-mile tracks combined into one to create The Largest Multi-Level Karting Track in the World – 80,000 sq.ft. of multi-level fun! Supertrack is normally open every Thursday with regular priced admission.

The karts are the same on both tracks. Our state-of-the-art safety control system allows us to set the speed of each individual racing heat.

Semi-Pro allows drivers with less experience racing high end karts or driving experience to race a slightly reduced speed so long as they are 58 inches or taller. Pro speed is a more competitive pace for drivers with experience racing and strong driving skill. All Pro Speed drivers must be at least 58 inches tall and 15 years of age.

Individuals weighing an excess of 300lbs will affect the performance of the kart.

We do not share Supercharged proprietary operational or technical details. Our karts speed meet go-karting industry standards. The experience at Supercharged is unique and the kart speed has been designed to meet the technical track design we offer on our two multi-level tracks.

Our races are formatted so that the best lap time wins the race. Each of these racing heats offer an intense 8-minute experience.

All drivers must meet the minimum race height of 58 inches, have the ability to safely operate all vehicle controls and obey all safety directions given by Track Marshals. There is no minimum age requirement. Closed toe shoes are required, but loaner shoes are available if needed. A Racing License and waiver on file is also required.

Yes, please do! We want you as comfortable as possible. Full-face helmets or motocross with goggles are allowed on our track. Must be D.O.T approved.

Yes! GoPros can be attached to your personal helmet or as a chest piece. GoPros cannot be attached to our equipment.

Drivers per race can range from 1 up to 12 on a normal day utilizing an individual quarter-mile track. Supertrack days can accommodate as many as 24 drivers. Supercharged reserves the right to increase or decrease those numbers based on driver safety.

Supercharged does not offer two-seater karts. Our track is designed to maximize the racing thrill based on single seater karts.

No, you do not. When you purchase a race the racing credit goes onto your individual account. It will remain there until we schedule the race for you. Once scheduled you must complete that race or return to Guest Services prior to that race starting in order to have the racing credit returned to your personal account. This is why there is so much value in buying a racing bundle. Buy 5 races today, schedule 2, save the other 3 for another date, and save money on both visits!

No, racing bundles priced per person. Points are assigned to your individual account and cannot be transferred or split between drivers.

High speed all electric go-karts offer a cleaner, no gas fume odor to their counterpart gasoline karts. They are also quieter, require less maintenance, and are better for the environment. More torque is available with all electric go-karts, and you do not lose any of the racing thrill recognized from the older gasoline models. 

There is no minimum height or age requirement to participate, however many obstacles have a minimum height requirement of 45” tall and the Lava Launch slide is designed for ages 5 and up. All participants must be able to participate safely on their own without any assistance and follow instructions given by Ninja Marshals. A waiver must be on file and anyone entering Ninja Wipeout & Trampolines must have an authorizing wristband purchased from Guest Services. Participants age 5 & under are required to have a parent accompany them in the park.

Jump socks have friction pads on the lower surface and are especially designed to optimize your experience and safety.

Yes, the weight limit for Ninja Wipeout & Trampolines is 300lbs.

Participants must be at least 15 years of age to throw, be able to follow instructions given by Axe Masters, and must have a waiver on file. Flat, closed toe shoes are required.

Yes! Axe throwing is a safe sport as long as proper safety guidelines are followed. An Axe Master will guide you and your group through lane safety and proper throwing techniques at the beginning of your session and will be available during your entire experience to answer any questions.

No trick shots are allowed in The Axe Lounge. Axes must be handled safely and thrown as instructed by an Axe Master.

Yes, and we highly recommend it. If you go upstairs, you can view our Ninja Wipeout & Trampolines. That will lead you to our mezzanine to view the Largest Multi-Level Karting Track in the World. Downstairs you will find The Axe Lounge and V’s Brick Oven Pizzeria & Pub. Once you decide to participate, complete your waiver and Guest Services will be waiting to help schedule your activities.

Spectators are not permitted in The Axe Lounge or Ninja Wipeout & Trampolines so if you want to be with your friends plan on participating! If you are not participating in karting, races can be watched upstairs on our mezzanine overlooking the track.

Because we offer such an amazing selection of quality food and beverage in house, we do not allow any outside food or drink. Coolers are prohibited. 

Glad you asked! We will send you newsletters that include exclusive promotional offers, updates to our hours of operations, and special events. You can opt out of receiving promotional emails when completing your waiver. An email is required for reservations and e-gift cards to send confirmation and details.

Yes, please contact our Event Sales Team by emailing or calling 860-444-7700 x111

Yes, please contact our Event Sales Team by emailing or calling 860-444-7700 x111

Gift cards do not expire and may be used on any of our activities. Some restrictions may apply. 

All sales are final for all activities and gift cards purchased in person and online. If you have any concerns or feel your experience didn’t meet your expectations, please ask to speak to a manager to see how we might best serve you.

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